Rooibos, Rooibosch, or Redbush is a Southern African shrub found growing wild in the Cape coastal mountains and harvested by the Khoikhoi people.
It's also one of the healthiest drinks around.
High in antioxidants, well known for reducing the effects of ageing.
Caffeine free and low in tannin giving it a mild taste.
In South Africa, it's drunk for its soothing effects on babies with colic. 
It's still harvested by traditional methods, cut with sickles, chopped up then placed in small heaps and sprinkled with water.
As with ordinary tea, it oxidises and then takes on a deep red colour.
The heaps are then spread out to dry.
It's unusual as it doesn't matter how long it's brewed for, it never tastes 'stewed'.