Two tea gifts, a lovely tisane, and a heck of mess in the kitchen

Week 8 Year of tea

Day 50 I've been way too buzzy the last couple of days so a decaff was the way to go. This is a Decaffeinated Chinese Sencha. In the Japanese-style, these leaves are steamed before drying which keeps more of the goodness in. It makes a bright and tangy brew with very little astringency. Because of the High Pressure Extraction process used for decaffeination, there's no 'orrible aftertaste either. ?

Cup of Chinese Decaffeinated senchaChinese decaffeinated sencha leaves after brewingChinese decaffeinated sencha leaves before brewing

I'm a very lucky girl. Today's ‪#‎teaoftheday is a gift from the lovely Estelle Liu. It's a black tea from her home town of Ya'an in Sichuan, China. It's really long and twisted black leaves brewed at 100°c for 4 mins made a delightful dark amber cup which tasted like toasted apricots. With a slightly caramel finish, this is a really 'gentle' tea but with tons of character, I can see me getting through this bag in no time! Thanks Estelle!Estelle Black TeaEstelle's Black Tea Leaves after brewingEstelle's black tea leaves before brewing

Although it's technically tomorrow so therefore I drank it yesterday it's still‪ #‎teaoftheday Number 52. It's a Chinese -
a Yunnan Special White Leaf. The leaves are really attractive downy curls which with water at 80°c and a steep of 2.5 minutes produce a pale golden cup with surprising strength. It's a really refined, delicate walnut taste with quite a hefty earthy finish.China cup of Yunnan Special White leafYunnan Special white leaf leaves after brewingYunnan special white leaf leaves before brewing

Ok if you don't like aniseed you may as well stop reading here.‪#‎teaoftheday 53 is a Rooibos and Green Honeybush blend with fennel and aniseed. There's also chamomile in there but fortunately you can't taste it (ewww really not looking forward to the day I do chamomile) you do however get the properties of it - it really is an amazingly calming brew. The taste is obviously a bit of a marmite thing - personally I love aniseed and fennel and with a nicely 'cooked' Rooibos it's perfect. In short - a woody and fragrant cup of chill.

cup of rooibos and green honeybushRooibos and green honeybush leaves before brewing

In the interests of full disclosure, other than a few notable exceptions, I'm not fond of flavoured black teas. This position may now have changed - I made Chocolate Tea Latte - and it was GREAT!
I also made an astonishing amount of mess in the process - but it really was GREAT. It tastes exactly as one would expect. I added honey and nutmeg to it, that probably wasn't necessary but I was clearly giddy with the much so that I even got round to blogging it.

Glass of chocolate tea latte with chocolate biscuit

Day 55 Kenya Kaproret is an orthodox black tea. It has a rich and aromatic taste. To say it's full-bodied is an understatement - lots of layers. Typically malty like most Kenyans, with or without milk it's a strong and bright cuppa.

montage of kenya kaproret tea and leaves

Day 56 Today's ‪#‎teaoftheday was a gorgeous. Da Hong Pao Oolong from August Moon Tea. The leaves are beautifully aromatic - almost like pipe tobacco! Fabulous flavour from each infusion - rich and floral with hints of vanilla.

Cup of Da hong Pao on blue and white runnerda hong pao leaves after brewingda hong pao leaves before brewing

Day 57 and we have another old favourite: it's a Chinese Chun Mee Moon Palace. It's known as 'Precious Eyebrow' because that's what the furled leaves resemble (allegedly) It's quite a strong tea with a pronounced fruitiness and only a little astringency. It's always been a good seller but it's become even more popular recently as it's apparently being used for weightloss in some circles...

chun mee moon palace collage

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