A flagrantly fragrant week...

 Week 9

Day 58 in ‪#‎yearoftea is a Maghrebi Tea which is a blend of Moroccan Spearmint and Chinese Gunpowder (rolled green tea). Usually taken for it's calming effect and it's improvement on digestion, although I know people who have it as a 'go to ' tea. I think it could be good with a white rum in the manner of a Mojito. **trundles off to do some research**

Magrebi Tea Glass Collage

A fabulously fragrant Formosa Orange Blossom Oolong is the 59th‪#‎teaoftheday Oolongs are semi-fermented and this one is flavoured with orange peel and flowers. I've spent most of the afternoon guzzling this - it's really refreshing and the orange flavour combined with the bit of sunshine was proper summery.

Formosa Orange Blossom tea and Leaves

Okey Dokey - so following from my previous success: this one is a Coconut Tea Latte made with coconut milk!!! So it's not only DELISH it's also veganI'm really looking forward to summer when I can have a bash at some iced latte. If you pop over here, I've noted my method (you can't really call it a recipe..)

Montage of Coconut latte and tea leaves

Day 61 in ‪#‎yearoftea and I've popped over to the Northeast of India (where it borders Burma/Myanmar). Green tea from India is far less usual than from China or Japan. This one is an Assam Jonktoollee TFGOP Grade 1 - it's rich with loads of flavour. It's slightly floral at first with a toasty honeyed aftertaste. This was brewed for 2.5mins at 80°c and if you struggle to like green teas, I can recommend this one as it's not even slightly challenging.

Assam Jonktoollee green tea

Technically it's just cold and wet but it's a bit grim so I thought Stormy Weather would be a great choice for ‪#‎teaoftheday 62. A really warming blend of loads of different leaves, herbs and flowers. It's got a really nice woody taste (think that's the blackberry leaves) and the peppermint is subtle but there's enough there to give it a 'lift'. I'm not sure what (if anything) are the properties of sunflower and peony petals but they make for a very pretty tisane.

Stormy Weather montage

When I embarked on this daily tea post malarkey, I promised myself that I'd say if I didn't like one. Well, up to now I haven't needed to keep to the promise. Enter: Earl Grey Sencha Decaffeinated ...really not my cup of tea as it were - to me the grassy Sencha taste combined with the orange of the Earl Grey really wasn't favourite. I drank an entire cup, then realised I hadn't taken a picture  so made a second infusion. I'm really glad I did. I frequently have a preference for the second infusion but I've never known it as marked as this. So the moral of the story is: If in doubt, always have a second cup.

Earl Grey Sencha Decaffeinated Montage

 Day 64 in ‪#‎yearoftea and I'm all over this GORGEOUS Java Sunda Purwa Pekoe Souchong. If you want the run down on that terminology you can read about it here All you really need to know is that it's almost buttery to start and then with a lingering rich and oaky aftertaste. Ooh and check out me lovely infuser- thanks Estelle !

Montage of Java sunda purwa tea,leaves and infuser

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