Chocolate Tea Latte (or how I learned to stop worrying and love flavoured black teas)

Thought I'd post my latte method from  #‎teaoftheday Have fun!

1/ Fill one half of a standard tea ball with the tea of your choice. I put mine in a measuring jug so I could gauge how much water I was adding.

2/ Bring your water to a full boil,I did 100°C as I was using a chocolate black tea.(I didn't dare use a flavoured green but now I'm feeling a whole heap braver)

3/ Add  1/4 pint (150ml) of boiling water to the tea. Set your timer for a full 5 minute brew.

4/ Whilst waiting for the tea to steep, put 1/4 pint (150ml) of milk onto heat. I waited till it was just simmering then took it off the heat and whizzed it with me zhuzzher (I think we've all got one of those haven't we?) till it was super fluffy.Then put it back on to the heat for another 30 seconds while I took the teaball out and poured the tea into a latte glass (I genuinely have no idea how or why that ended up in my kitchen...)

5/ I gave the milk one last zhuzh then gently introduced it to the tea.

6/ I finished it off with a dribble of honey and a few swipes of fresh nutmeg.

7/ Drink it while it's hot.

8/ While sitting back enjoying it, I made sure I wasn't facing the unholy mess that I'd created - must remember to switch off the whisker thing BEFORE taking it from the milk.#protip

9/ Remembered that our high-falutin coffee maker has a milk steamer/frother and I could've used that.

10/ Smiled that my faltering Bambi steps into domesticity resulted in a win. Maybe I am a grown-up after all...


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