You've really spoiled me on week 7 Mr Ambassador..

Week 7 Year of tea

Because I've been very good and because it's Friday and because quite frankly, I'm worth it; Day 43 in my ‪#‎yearoftea is a cracker. A Choicest Fancy Silver Tip Oolong. The picture is of a 2nd infusion though I actually had 4 Infusions (greedy or stingy?) I love oolongs anyway but this one is exceptional. Aromatic and naturally sweet, it manages to be simultaneously fruity and nutty - a lovely elegant cuppa.

silvery dry tea leaves next to a cup of brewed choicest fancy silvertip oolong

Day 44 and I'm drinking a Kekecha Golden Dragon Yellow Tea. A rarity which is apparently reserved for monks, emperors and me! It's a slightly fermented white tea so similar to an oolong but more subtle. It's fresh tasting -very slightly grassy with an aftertaste which is a little like cashews.

White porcelain cup of Kekecha Golden Dragon Yellow TeaDried leaves of the very rare  Kekecha Golden Dragon Yellow TeaBrewed leaves of Kekecha Golden Dragon Yellow Tea

Day 45 and I chose this one purely on the name: it's a Ceylon BlackTea called Lovers Leap. It tastes loads better without milk but even then I have to admit that it's not really my taste.
I'm obviously in the minority as this is a popular choice with customers but it's just too strong for me.

cup of ceylon lovers leap nuwara eliya and tea leaves in heart shape

Today's ‪#‎teaoftheday 46 is a Vietnam Che Xanh. Not commonly available in the UK, it's a full-bodied tea that has a bit of grassiness but still tastes quite earthy. In the 15th century, Vietnamese scholar and all-round brainpox Nguyen Trai renounced the outside world for a life of 'tea, poetry and the moon'. Think he might've been on to something...

mug of vietnam che xanh with green nail polishTea leaves of Vietnam Che xanh before brewingleaves of vietnam che xanh after brewing

 Day 47 I love this gently flavoured tea. Because the basis is a high quality Keemun, the end result is really good. With the delicate violet scent infusing the slightly bitter leaves, it tastes like Violet Creams (which I ADORE)

collage of violet tea, violet creams and violet tea leaves

Due to the success of yesterday's scented tea, I thought I'd do another. I chose this Black Tea with Ginger for my  ‪#‎teaoftheday48 specifically to warm me up because today has been sooooo cold. Yet again, because the basic tea is a really good quality blend, the resulting drink is also very good. The Ceylon in the mix gives it a slightly bitter taste which works perfectly with the hot and sweet from the whole pieces of dried ginger. My cockles are now toasty.

 China cup of black tea with ginger without milkblack tea with ginger tea leaves after brewingBlack tea with ginger tea leaves before brewing

 Day 49 in #‎ yearoftea  coincides with  ‪#‎drinkwineday so it made perfect sense to drink one of the 'Champagne of Teas' a   Darjeeling 1st Flush Nagri Estate FTGFOP (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Although it's quite mellow, it's also light with a floral scent and a mild astringency. All Darjeelings tend to be hailed as 'complex' and 'sophisticated' but don't let that intimidate you - just think of it as a really good cup of tea.

china teacup of darjeeling nagri

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