European Tea and the obligatory Matcha Week 6 in Year of Tea

Week 6 Year of Tea

So Day 36 is Azores Encosta de Bruma Premium Organic Green Tea. Because of the geography (in the middle of the Atlantic) this is a bit of ararity. In terms of taste, it's very like an oolong - delicate but with lots of 'layers'. Initially biscuity with a really floral finish.

collage azores encosta de bruma tea and leaves

No.37 is an organic Keemun Imperial. A sturdy black tea from Anhui province. All Keemuns have quite a distinctive flavour - very malty with a slight floral taste. They always put me in mind of bitter chocolate (which is probably why I like them). I actually prefer this one with milk #controversial

cup of keemun imperial anhui with and without milk and leaves

I never usually consider Fruit Infusions but somebody ordered some of this earlier so I thought I'd give it a go. Rough cut chunks of Apple, Lemon Peel and Rosehip steeped for a full 5 minutes in 100°c makes a lovely bittersweet combination for #‎teaoftheday 38 I drank the first one hot and the second one cold (not intentionally, got sidetracked and forgot about it) and it tastes great either way. Many years ago, I was put off Fruit Teas by those bags of red dust which were the staple of every student cupboard. This is NOTHING like those - you can actually taste the fruit rather than just 'fruit flavour'. It's also caffeine-free so I may have a mug to go to bed with...

apple and lemon wholefruit infusion in mug and on saucer

 Today is 39 in my ‪#‎yearoftea and I fancied a Japanese. This one is a huge seller due to a) it's health benefits (claims?) being shouted from every corner and b) it tastes great. It's a Gen Mai Cha Matcha Iri. So a 'Popcorn' tea with added Matcha. As with other Sencha, hot (80°c) not boiling water otherwise it'll be really bitter. I always think of this as tasting petrichoral (like the smell of fresh rain) or maybe that's just an excuse to use a smartarse word...

cup of genmaicha matcha iri and unbrewed leaves

As it's ‪#‎pancakeday‬ this is the natural choice for ‪#‎teaoftheday‬ No 40. Saint Clement's is made with Pai Mu Tan flavoured with 'oranges & lemons' (obv) via Bergamot oil and Verbena Leaf. Marigold and Hibiscus add the finishing touch giving it a natural sweetness that combines perfectly with the citrus. All that against a backdrop of organic white tea. Personally I prefer the second infusion (I usually do)

Saint Clements white tea blend collage

Day 41: So today's offering is a herb blend call Sweet Melissa. Combining Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass, and Lemon Myrtle unsurprisingly it's quite lemony...fortunately it also uses apple and carrot pieces, orange peel and bramble leaves which balances it out. Due to the intensity of the citrus (which makes it quite sharp) this is another one of those that I think needs making as cold infusion and adding to gin. For my taste I'm thinking of altering the blend with the addition of Stinging Nettle. or maybe some Rooibos to add some earthier notes.

collage of sweet melissa herbal infusion and loose leaves

Day 42: I'm tatered. After spending the day at the NEC Spring Fair and the tea I had there wasn't what I'd hoped home now and enjoying the richness which you kind of expect from a Ceylon Black. Steeped for only 2.5 minutes otherwise it's super chewy, it has a crisp and spicey finish. Obviously the addition of milk detracts a little from the nuances, but it's my cuppa and I'll drink it how I like!'s a Ceylon Dimbula BOP (thanks Vicky!)

cup of ceylon dimbula black tea with milk

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