Pink Rose Buds Whole Organic Relaxation Skin Condition Great Taste Helps With Insomnia


  • These delicious pink Rosebuds contain apparently higher levels of vitamin C than oranges, tomatoes and grapefruits, so should be great in helping to fight off cold and flu viruses.
  • Vitamin C is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin and supporting the immune system
  • According to Chinese Lore, drinking Rosebud tea helps relieve depression and anxiety disorders, as well as helping against fatigue, insomnia and nervousness.
  • A naturally flowery tea that tastes clean and perfumed with an obvious rosy aroma, made from 100 percent genuine organic rosebuds and naturally dried to retain all the health benefits
  • An ideal drink to help you cool down after a relaxing Yoga session. 
  • You will receive 20 grams of this herbal infusion for £5.00. 
  • At Gently Stirred every order is gift wrapped so if you're buying for a number of different people just add that information at checkout

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