Pink Rose Buds Whole Relaxation Skin Condition Great Taste Helps With Insomnia


These delicious pink Rosebuds contain apparently higher levels of vitamin C than oranges, tomatoes and grapefruits, so should be great in helping to fight off cold and flu viruses.

Vitamin C is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin and supporting the immune system

According to Chinese Lore, drinking Rosebud tea helps relieve depression and anxiety disorders, as well as helping against fatigue, insomnia and nervousness.

A naturally flowery tea that tastes clean and perfumed with an obvious rosy aroma, made from 100 percent genuine rosebuds and naturally dried to retain all the health benefits

An ideal drink to help you cool down after a relaxing Yoga session. 

We have combined these delightful Rose buds with our ever-popular White tea, Pai Mu Tan and have blended a tea called White Peony Pink Rose.

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