White Monkey Bai Mao Hou Chinese Green Tea Traditional High Quality Healthy Green Tea A Lovely Refreshing Cup Of Tea


White Monkey is one of favourite Green Teas although we have not had it in stock for quite a while, we are very happy to welcome back into our collection. By its name you could be easily confused that this is a White Tea but the Chinese word pronounced, báimáohóu, literally translates as white-haired monkey. It is very similar in taste to a white tea, being delicate and having a mild flavour.

The plucking is of the top two leaves and the bud, from the first season’s growth in late March – early April, these leaves typically have a soft white hairy down and it is this appearance that is said to make them look like the white-haired monkey’s paw. The tea plants are grown on the slopes of the Taimu and Wuyi mountains in Fujian Province. There are plenty of stories about this tea being grown at such high altitudes and in such inaccessible area that monkeys were specially trained to pluck the leaves. I suspect that this has always been a sales gimmick, that most likely dates back centuries, but it is a good story.

Brew at 75o to 80o C. for between one and three minutes depending on personal taste, this really is a quite outstanding tea, whoever plucked it.

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