Chinese Lapsang Souchong Roasted Traditional Loose Leaf Smoked Black Tea


This Lapsang Souchong consists of the fourth and fifth leaves rather than the more typical newest leaves and bud. These larger leaves have a stronger flavour as they have had longer to accumulate tannins and naturally occurring elements taken from the soil. After fermentation this particular Lapsang Souchong is then put on iron plates and roasted for a short time. After this the leaves are smoked over pine wood, rich in resin.  Lapsang Souchong precedes Keemun in being the first black tea created. At the height of its popularity in the 1870’s this tea was raced back to Britain on the famous Clippers 'Cutty Sark' and the 'Flying Cloud’. It has always been popular with the English, indeed it was the tea of choice for Winston Churchill, and in China it is viewed as ‘a tea for westerners’.

The tea drinks well with salty and spicy dishes as well as tasting wonderful when drunk black, with cheese. Use boiling water and brew for between three and five minutes.

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