Black Sencha Chinese Loose Leaf Tea Low Astringency Great Taste Rare


The Japanese word Sencha 煎茶 is a verb meaning to make tea or to brew tea. It refers to the most popular Japanese tea, a whole leaf. The leaves are usually rapidly steamed between 20 to 60 seconds to prevent oxidation. This lovely tea however has been allowed to oxidise becoming a black tea. I’m not sure what Japanese tea drinkers would think of this although we do sell a Japanese black tea so perhaps, they may warm to it. The tea is grown and produced in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Other than deliberately allowing the tea to oxidise it is produced with strict adherence to the Japanese methodology ensuring that the leaves are folded lengthwise whilst drying on warm trays before grading. The leaves are long, well worked and obviously show their quality, combine this with natural tea production and you have a really wonderful and unusual black tea. I infused my brew for 3 minutes but if you like it stronger and possibly wish to add milk then maybe 5 minutes would be better. All personal taste. I enjoyed this tea a lot, none of the more typical ‘bitterness’ that can be found with some green teas, delightfully rounded.

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