Vietnam Orange Pekoe Black Tea Like a Spicy Yunnan Tea Takes Milk or Drink Without


This tea comes from the far northern mountains of Vietnam, close to the Chinese province of Yunnan; this is the ancestral home to tea. Apparently, this tea comes from ancient wild trees and is plucked in the traditional ‘orthodox’ method. Therefore, the leaves are big, sweet and mellow, and produce a cup that glows like liquid copper. 

Due to the soil and climate conditions, these ancient wild Camellia trees produce leaves that are far spicier and softer in flavour than there Yunnan counterparts. Actually, they are not dissimilar to high grown Ceylon teas in their flavour.

You would prepare this brew in the usual method with regard to black teas, i.e. 100o C. and steeping for between four and five minutes, I erred on the four.

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