Uki-Uki Loose Leaf Scented Black Tea Incredible Tropical Fruit Flavour Perfect without milk


A fine scented Chinese black tea. The lovely Chikako, named this tea for us, apparently the phrase Uki-Uki loosely describes the feeling you get at the beginning of summer. The promise of something good. The scent of this tea evokes many things for many people.

This tea has an intense collection of aromas, giving a sort of ‘Tropical Fruit Cocktail’ bouquet; just imagine yourself in a cool garden on a hot summer day, with a glass of this tea iced and adorned with fresh slices of orange, tea drinking rarely gets any better than this.

I brewed this tea for three minutes at 100oC. and brewed a second infusion for four minutes at boiling. Read what Russteas has to say about it.

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