Sencha Japanese Wild Cherry Loose Leaf Green Tea High In Vitamin C A Very Healthy Drink


An unusual green tea that we have been out of stock for a while, it is flavoured with natural wild cherry flavouring, plus it contains freeze-dried sour red cherry pieces. The aroma of this tea is fabulous and makes a remarkably refreshing drink. Cherries play an important role in Japanese culture, the Cherry Blossom Festival, Hanami literally' flower viewing' is reported daily on the television and in newspapers monitoring it as it moves up the country.

A good source of vitamin C as the tea and the flavouring both contain high amounts. Japanese tea is also very low in theine. This is a good tea to drink to aid digestion after a meal. Green Tea with cherry flavour is always popular and we are delighted to be able to offer this specific one again. 

I steeped this fantastically smelling tea for two and a half minutes at 80oC, obviously feel free to adjust for personal preferences.

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