Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Rose Petal Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Chinese Semi-Fermented Tea


Statues of Kuan Yin, known as the Goddess of Mercy, are often located at Buddhist temples. She is a Bodhisattva, a person who has earned the right to leave the world of suffering and enter nirvana, but instead remains on earth to help others reach enlightenment.

In front of a rundown temple in Fujian stood an iron (ti in Chinese) statue. A local farmer upset by the rundown state of the temple took to cleaning it and lighting incense. Kuan Yin appeared in a dream to Mr Wei, the farmer and told him to look in a cave behind the temple to find a treasure he must share. In the morning, he found a tiny tea sprout, which he cultivated. The leaves from this plant produced a fabulous flavoursome and fragrant tea. The farmer dedicated the tea to Kuan Yin and shared cuttings with all his neighbours and the whole community prospered.

We are pleased to offer a rather unusual Oolong; this tea has Chinese Rose Petals added to the hand rolled tea leaves. We already offer green and black Rose Pouchong teas, and this delightful tea is a wonderful addition to our range.

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