Taiwanese Style Ruby Oolong Anxi Tea Speciality Rare Hand Rolled


This limited availability tea originally came from Anxi in Fujian and was a variety of tea plant called Qingxin or Ruan Zhi, these Camellia sinensis cultivars were introduced to Formosa 300 years ago where they hybridised with indigenous Camellia sinensis forma formosensis. The tea produced from these plants were then semi fermented to produce an Oolong tea. The Taiwan Tea Research Station further developed a strain which undergoes longer than typical fermentation and this produces the Ruby Oolong. Ruby Oolong is now grown in both Thailand and Mainland China which is where ours comes from. It is certified organic and grown under strict conditions to produce this authentic style of rarely encountered tea. The mid-season, hand plucked leaves, dark coloured after fermentation, are tightly hand rolled, unrolling in 90oC water they produce an absolutely luscious cup of tea. I will go out on a limb and say probably the best Oolong I have drunk. There you go. Helen found it wonderful as well.

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