Sencha Ginseng Ginger Orange Blossom Loose Leaf Green Tea Very Healthy Flavour


We are delighted to offer a new tea for Autumn 2023, We already sell a Ginger Sencha, and this should prove to be just as popular. The base of this tea is a good quality Chinese Sencha to which a minimum of 2.2% Ginseng has been added, plus dried orange peel, and a minimum of 1.1% Ginger root, and finally for added beauty as well as health benefits pure orange blossoms. The lovely tea has an almost Earl Grey flavour to it but without the perfume-like aroma. Ginger is often taken as a preventative for colds and for soothing digestion. Ginseng like Ginger is full of antioxidants and therefore is great for the immune system, as well as giving an increase in energy levels. Orange blossom is also well known for its benefits with digestion and immune system and has been used for reducing anxiety and gives a calming effect.

This is a super tea, prepare in the usual way for green teas, never use boiling water and steep only for a few minutes.

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