Rose Pouchong Green Green Loose Leaf Tea Very Healthy A Lovely Fragrance Congou


This is a new Rose flavoured green tea, we previously stocked a Rose Gunpowder but love to try new experiences. This could also be called China Rose Green or Rose Congou Green. The word Pouchong literally means ‘the wrapped kind’, from the Chinese ‘pau-ching-tê’, and refers to the practice of wrapping the leaves in paper during the drying process, now largely discontinued due to advances in tea production. The leaves in this tea are high quality and slightly open in appearance. As with our Rose Pouchong Black the tea leaves are blended with the fresh Rose petals after plucking and then most of the petals are removed once it is felt that the infusion of the petals has reached the desired degree of refinement. A stunningly delightful tea and quite possibly a new favourite.

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