Plum Flavoured Black Tea Chinese and Indian Loose Leaf Fruit Black Tea


Flavouring teas with fruits or petals goes back a long time. Originating in China, plum extract is added to black tea leaves, although in Korea they use just plums, so technically not a true tea.  Maesil Cha is made by grating fresh plums mixing with a small amount of water, straining it to make a syrup. This is kept cool until needed where it is mixed with hot water. In Japan this tea is called Ume Cha. Our Plum Flavoured Black Tea uses a blend of fine Chinese and Indian leaves and extract of plum. We also blend this tea to make our very popular Plum and Lychee Green Mandarin Flavoured Black Tea. Use boiling water and steep for five minutes, obviously adapting this to suit your personal preferences.

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