Plantain Leaf Tea Herbal Infusion Or Tisane For Respiratory and Bowel Conditions


This is a blend of Plantago major (Broadleaved Plantain) and Plantago lanceolata (Ribwort Plantain).  Originating in Temperate Europe, these weeds are commonly seen along roadsides and in New Zealand are called ‘White Man’s Footprint’. Both Plantains have been used medicinally, the Broadleaf often externally for bites, stings, burns, minor cuts, wounds, and skin afflictions. The Ribwort tends to be used for internal afflictions of the respiratory system, asthma, couch, catarrhal congestion. As well as being useful for diarrhoea and afflictions of the urinary tract. Plantain tea can sooth internal, inflamed intestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel issues and peptic ulcers, because of its anti-inflammatory effects and tissue-healing properties. Health benefits of Broadleaved Plantain have been shown in studies that it is an anti-ulcerative, antidiabetic, anti-nociceptive (compounds capable of diminishing pain without negative effects on consciousness), antibacterial, and antiviral agent. As well as being high in antioxidants and acting as a free radical scavenger helping to combat fatigue and cancer.

It goes without saying that if you're pregnant (or are under the doc for anything) caution should be exercised with herbal decoctions.

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