White Peony Pink Rose Scented White Tea Healthy Relaxing Quality Tea Our Own Blend


Our own blend of highest-grade Bio Pai Mu Tan White tea and Pink Rose buds. This healthy tea is perfect for relaxation and enjoying the moment. The whole pink rose buds, introduce a subtle delicate flavour to our best-selling tea. One would not dream of drinking this tea with milk but rather savouring it on a beautiful summer’s day, sitting outside in the sun, feeling at one with the world. We have only recently introduced this blend to our range but anticipate great sales as it is based on a traditional Chinese blend which would use petals and oil of rose. We have simply blended organically grown pink rose buds with our organic Pai Mu Tan, it is as pure as that. Use hot water at 80oC and infuse for between two and three minutes, feel free to re-infuse three or more times.

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