Pai Mu Tan White Tea Bio Cultivation Loose Leaf White Peony Green Tea One Of The Healthiest Teas In The World


As all my dear readers know I love Pai Mu Tan, so being a bit of an old punk hippy obviously would choose anything that is grown without the use of artificial fertilisers, and pesticides. Pai Mu Tan has traditionally been found growing naturally in the wild, obviously looked after but not much in the way of artificial care. Obviously, this type of cultivation comes without any certification, which I actually have no problem with, however big business has found a way to get growers to pay outrageous fees, which in turn are passed onto the public, that than rigorously enforce its use of the term organic. So, this Bio Pai Mu Tan use to be listed by us as Organic but now is listed as Bio Cultivation, still obviously the same tea. This Pai Mu Tan comes from Fujian province where it grows wild and is from a specific strain of Camellia sinensis found growing only within this area, the plant is called Chaicha. After plucking, the leaves are dried in the sun, inside if the weather is inclement, without any further technical aid. The leaves show many different sizes, shapes and types including a nice proportion of long, silver-white leaf tips.

I brewed this tea at 80oC for three minutes and it produced a lovely bright refreshing cup. I will not go into the incredible health-giving properties that this famous White Tea provides as you already know this or can easily ‘Search Engine’ of your choice it.

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