Lime Flavour Black Loose Leaf Tea With Dried Peel Chinese Quality Unusual


This unusually flavoured black tea from china has had added to it dried peel as well organic Lime flavouring. A remarkably refreshing drink. It is well known for citrus to flavour teas, Earl Grey and Bergamot being the most obvious example. When having afternoon tea which is usually a Darjeeling you will often find that a slice of Lemon is recommended as one generally wouldn’t drink a Darjeeling with milk.  I have always felt that a slice of orange enhances the drink more than Lemon, but it is personal taste. I think with this particular tea it makes sense to add a slice of Lime, but only if you are drinking it without milk. I really can’t say what the taste would be like with Citrus and milk, but I’m guessing odd bordering on the unpalatable. Limes are particularly good for a great many ailments including one rarely encountered nowadays, that of scurvy, from whence the English sailors gained the moniker Limeys.

Brew for about four minutes at 100oC and this should prove to be ideal, however as with all tea drinking it is quite personal so feel free to brew slightly less or slightly more to suit your own tastes.

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