Mexican Huatusco Veracruz Whole Coffee Bean Superb Flavour Hand Selected Cherries


We are pleased to offer another fine Mexican coffee, this one comes from Don Pepe Coffee one of the best growers and processors in Mexico. The beans are individually picked by hand, the pickers rotating among the trees every 8-10 days. This labour-intensive practice is reserved for the highest quality trees.  The harvested cherries then have their skin and pulp removed and are then washed to remove the parchment. Veracruz is one of Mexico’s leading producers of coffee worth 232 million US dollars annually. The mountainous Córdoba-Huatusco region is one of the best growing areas. Veracruz is bordered by Oaxaca and Chiapas to the south, we regularly have coffee from these two areas. Veracruz is well known for conserving a dance brought across by the Spanish called the Fandango. The term Fandango has now become a description for locals getting together to dance, play music and sing.

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