Lapsang Souchong Tarry Chinese Loose Leaf Black Tea World Famous Smoked Tea


These large leaves are withered over open fires of wetted high-quality pine-wood producing a stronger flavoured Tarry Souchong. The aroma of this tea specifically comes from longifolene and a-terpineol, these chemical compounds originate only from the pine smoke and are not found in any other teas. The pine used is the Long-leaved Pine, Pinus roxburghii, this pine is particularly resinous and will burn for a long time because of the resinous content.

Sir Patrick Stewart, when told that his Star Trek character, Captain Picard would drink a lot of tea, suggested Lapsang Souchong but producers worried that the audience would be left in the dark chose Earl Grey instead. Mr Stewart has requested that fans stop sending him packets of Earl Grey, but he’s not mentioned anything about Lapsang.

I brewed my Tarry Souchong for 5 minutes using boiling water, crikey me, that packs a wallop. It is quite a mild tea with very little bitterness and carries with it the overriding flavour of this very distinct Pine resin.

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