Keemun Imperial Anhui Province Traditional Chinese Loose Leaf Red Tea


Keemun is one of the most important teas in China. It is grown in the Anhui Province in central China. It was first produced in 1875, before then only green teas were produced in Anhui. Specifically this tea comes from Qimen County, first established during 766 in the Tang Dynasty. Qimen takes its name from Mount Qi and intern gives its name to the Keemun tea.

This Orange Pekoe tea with its beautifully structured Camellia sinensis leaf makes for a mild, finely aromatic light drink that is shiny red-brown and having a spicily sweet bouquet and an interesting after taste. This organic certified tea represents a growing trend towards food produce having a healthier provenance and although it is a little more expensive than our previous Keemun we feel the small difference in price is definitely worth it.

Keemun has quite a low caffeine content, apparently less than 10% caffeine compared to a cup of instant coffee, but then who in their right mind would drink instant coffee?

I used slightly less than boiling water, 90oC and steeped for four minutes, if you have a liking for milk, then I would recommend perhaps steeping for five minutes and possibly using boiling water.

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