Java Malabar Estate Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf Black Tea Traditional Sweet Smooth Fruity


This 'traditional' tea comes from the renowned Malabar Estate. Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha undertook the management of the Estate in 1896 until his death in 1928. It is now a State-Owned Company. Bosscha is buried among his tea bushes as re requested and his simple tomb is still there. He introduced technology and was one of the first people to install an Electric Tea Dryer for the withering process. This tea has a sweet, very smooth, slightly spicy taste and has a lovely amber colour, I had it black and really enjoyed it. Indonesia ranks as the seventh largest tea producer in the world. Dutch  planters discovered that the Assamica variety was best suited to the soil and climate of Java. The name Malabar is believed to come from the Arabic Mal meaning money and Abar meaning a well or source.

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