Jasmine with Flowers Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Extra Jasmine Flowers High Quality Chinese Traditional Tea


This Tea is usually listed as a ‘Green Tea’ although technically the leaves are semi-fermented. This classical flavouring technique has been practiced in China for well over a thousand years. The best Jasmine Flavoured Tea, such as this, has both the leaves and the flowers blended at the plantation thus ensuring no deviation from quality.

It is said that the Chinese drink teas flavoured with oils and blossoms to bring perfect harmony to mind, body and spirit. In particular, Jasmine tea is usually taken after a meal and is best enjoyed without milk or sugar.

This blend has had extra Jasmine flowers added; these are the highest quality flowers available, giving the tea a very distinctive taste. The flowers are grown on the estate and are only picked early evening when the scent is at its finest. 

Use 90oC. water and infuse for between two and three minutes, adjusting for personal taste.

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