Hibiscus Flower Cut Loose Herb Tea Tisane For Healthy Living Petals Champagne


  • These Hibiscus Flowers are used to make a wonderful ruby-coloured tisane, which is refreshing and may be drunk either hot or iced.
  • Hibiscus flowers can also be added to punches or fruit cups as well as being used to make a jelly similar to cranberry. 
  • You can use the flowers for flavouring salts and sugars as well. Contact us if you want the recipe!
  • It combines well with rose hips, a drink very popular on the continent
  • .We use Hibiscus Flower as a significant ingredient in our very popular Saint Clement’s green Tea where it gives the infusion a lovely colour and a subtle addition to the overall taste.
  • I have even heard of people placing a single small dried Hibiscus flower in a glass of freshly poured champagne, the effect is said to be wonderful, I must try it sometime.
  • If you like flower tea you may want to try this Chrysanthemum or a Limeflower Tisane
  • You will receive 65 grams of this herbal infusion for £5.00

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