Hibiscus Flower Cut Loose Herb Tea Tisane For Healthy Living Petals Champagne


Roselle or Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers are used to make a wonderful ruby-coloured tisane, which is refreshing and may be drunk, either hot or iced. The flowers can also be added to punches or fruit cups as well as being used to make a jelly similar to cranberry. You can use it for flavouring salts and sugars as well. Contact us if you want the recipe! It combines well with rose hips, a drink immensely popular on the continent. We use it as a significant ingredient in our exceedingly popular Saint Clement’s green Tea where it gives the infusion a lovely colour and a subtle addition to the overall taste. I have even heard of people placing a single small, dried Hibiscus flower in a glass of freshly poured champagne, the effect is said to be wonderful, I must try it sometime.

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