Gunpowder Passion Fruit Guava and Mango Flavoured Loose Leaf Healthy Green Tea


This Chinese, or possibly Formosan, green tea has been blended with the oddest combination of flavours and yet surprisingly it works very well!

Flavoured teas are a very personal experience, you either do or you do not like them. If you wanted to try something different, for a new experience, then you must give this unusual/strange tea a try.

We certainly endeavour to bring you something new and the small from this tea is quite fantastic, the word I actually used was gorgeous. Plus, the taste is rather good and to be honest I am a bit of a tea snob and would normally turn my nose up at this type of tea. Give it a go!

I used hot 80oC water and infused for between two and three minutes, you should get three or four infusions.

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