Gunpowder Hand Rolled Chinese Loose Leaf Green Tea Explode Some Healthy Living Economical


Formosa is famous for its Gunpowder green tea and most Gunpowder that you find will have come from this Island, just off Mainland China, now called Taiwan.

This is Chinese Gunpowder from the province of Zhejiang. Most of the tea produced in this province is for export although production is way below that of Formosa.

The name Gunpowder refers to the resemblance to Gunpowder pellets and also the way that the rolled green tea 'explodes' when placed in hot water.

A very refreshing drink, it is the basis of Moroccan mint tea. Moroccan tea is served in small glasses painted with colourful designs. A Moroccan saying states, "Tea should be bitter as death, sweet as life and as mellow as love".

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