Black Gunpowder Black Pearls Chinese Black Tea Unusual Version Of A Traditional Tea Loose Leaf Hand Rolled.


Coming from the eastern part of the Chinese Province of Fujian, this unusual Gunpowder is made from fermented leaves instead of unfermented green leaves. This carefully processed and hand rolled delicacy has a pleasant aromatic, mild and yet still full-bodied taste with possibly just a hint of smokiness. These delightful Black Pearls present a glistening anthracite colour. The resulting infusion is medium dark, the bouquet aromatic and round. Gunpowder tea production dates back to the Tang Dynasty. 618-907. In Chinese, Gunpowder tea is called called zhū chá literally ‘Pearl Tea’. (Update: I chose this for Day 112 in my 'Year of Tea' and thought it was wonderful this time around - taste buds are peculiar things...H)

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