Green Christmas Tea Loose Leaf Cinnamon Cloves Orange Rose Apple Vanilla and Rum


A new one for us last year and it smells fantastic, a wonderful crazy mix of fruit scents, spices, and citrus all rolled into one. It even manages to taste even better than it smells.

The tea consists of 80% green Sencha, cinnamon pieces, cloves, orange peel, rose petals and rose buds and natural orange, vanilla, cinnamon and rum flavouring.

You initially plan on buying it as a gift but end up keeping it yourself, buy two at the beginning and save on postage. In fact, buy three and save one for the summer for you to make a cold infusion.

I brew it for between two and three minutes at 80oC. I get a second infusion from it although it is a little weaker but tastes even smoother.

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