Ginger Dream Natural Herbal Tea Blend Caffeine Free Ginger Liquorice Apple Pink Rose


This fresh smelling infusion made with 50% spicy ginger pieces, plus dried apple pieces, lemon peel, liquorice make this a perfectly balanced harmonious drink. All the ingredients are natural and there is no added flavouring, at all. New to us for 2022 I feel this infusion is going to sell well, especially at the shows, where you can smell the wonderful appetising aroma.

Helen had a bit of a cold when this first arrived and I quickly made her the perfect remedy. Helen felt that the liquorice was delightful and the whole drink ‘Lush’, she also wanted it a bit stronger, obviously personal taste. This caffeine-free drink can be drunk any time of the day. To make this drink steep for five minutes (longer if stronger) in water that has freshly boiled.

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