Earl Grey Rose Loose Leaf Black Tea with China Rose Petals Eastern Turkish Delight Flavour


Once again, we felt the need to add to our Earl Grey collection. A wonderful combination of two traditional flavoured teas, Rose and Orange.  The black tea chosen for this blend is from Nilgiri in Southern India. The rose petals are from China. The choice of this tea from India, rather than China, is to enable the two flavours to combine rather than compete, the Nilgiri is gentle enough to do this. I really enjoyed it and normally I’m not a big Earl Grey fan, had an almost Turkish Delight aftertaste.

For those dedicated milk lovers, this tea will drink with a small amount, and yet ought to really be tried at least once without. If taken black, consider a slice of orange or lemon.

Use boiling, 100oC, and infuse for between two or three minutes depending on personal preference. 

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