Saint Clement's Green Tea Our Own Special Blend Bergamot Flavour Healthy Fantastic Taste


  • We have used our best selling Pai Mu Tan as a base for this fantastic health giving green tea.
  • The oranges and lemons combine well with the top quality organic Oil of Bergamot.
  • This ‘Earl Grey’ contains Lemon Verbena, renowned for its soothing qualities especially with colds, Marigold petals, and Hibiscus flowers that were selected for their taste and colour.
  • This tea is exclusive to us and we chose to produce this blend not only for its health giving properties but also to complement our already phenomenal Pai Mu Tan White Tea.
  • It is important that a tea looks and smells attractive and this tea is superb on both accounts. We have included a few secret ingredients, which for classified reasons we can’t divulge.    
  • I would suggest using hot water rather than boiled and I prefer it to brew for two and a half minutes. With all tea drinking it is a very personal and subjective experience so feel free to adjust your tea making to suit your own taste.
  • Read Russteas review.
  • You will receive 50 grams of this herbal infusion for £5.00 

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