Costa Rica San Jorge Fair Trade EP Whole Coffee Beans Medium Roast


This fully washed EP (European Preparation) coffee is grown by small holder farmers working with Coopeagri R.L. Coming from is the Brunca region, this area is marked by mountainous terrain and volcanic soil. The varietals grown, between 700 – 1100 meters, are Catuai and Caturra. Coopeagri, is Costa Rica’s largest farmer cooperative and was founded in 1962 to help promote small to medium sized growers. Today, Coopeagri boasts more than 10,000 members. They kelp with projects that range from building medical buildings as well contributing to an extensive agronomy support scheme. The cooperative produces organic fertilizer that members can access to help them maintain ecologically healthy farms. Due to the small nature of each, usually family-owned plot, averaging around two and a half hectares, individually applying for official organic status would prove to be too costly and unwieldly, However, even without official sanction, the coffee you are tasting is wonderfully and lovingly grown and nurtured.

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