Chun Mee Moon Palace Best Quality Traditional Eyebrow Tea Green Loose Leaf Tea Very Healthy


Chun Mee, or Zhen Mei as it occasionally listed as, translates as ‘Precious Eyebrow’ describing the leaf shape. Moon Palace is a particularly special grade of Chun Mee and is renowned for its sweet fresh flavour with a more pronounced plum taste.

Chun Mee was originally only produced in the Jiangxi province but is now produced in Hubei as well. Chun Mee must be processed at the correct temperature and with great skill to achieve the right shape.

Moon Palace Chun Mee is harvested before the spring rains, equivalent to a first flush plucking, this results in a light fragrant tea, producing a lovely pale amber infusion.

As with all green teas, hot, not boiling water and an infusion time between one and three minutes, depending on personal taste and how many times you have already infused it. 

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