Chinese Zhejiang Misty Green Loose Leaf Green Tea Traditional Quality


As I write this I am on my fourth infusion of this wonderful green tea. I think I may have my new favourite. It is a very refreshing tea that should be prepared using only hot 80oC water not boiling. You could also cold infuse this tea using cold water poured onto the leaves and left in the fridge overnight. Also as caffeine is more soluble in warm water, and very soluble in hot water, the cold infusion will produce a drink with almost no caffeine, apparently as low as 0.6mg per 100g of water.

This tea comes from the eastern Quzhou prefecture of Zhejiang province, this prefecture borders Hangzhou prefecture, home of the famous Lung Ching Dragon Well Tea. Quzhou terrain consists of 15% plains and the rest hills and mountains. The weather is humid sub-tropical with an annual average relative humidity of 78% rising to 82% in March and June the main two plucking seasons.

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