Sencha Naturally Grown Chinese Loose Leaf Healthy Green Tea Low Astringency Great Taste


This Chinese Sencha Naturally Grown Green Tea is fantastic - I love green teas but do tend to find Sencha teas can often be quite sharp and astringent, however this Chinese version of the everyday Japanese classic is quite superb.

The tea is produced with strict adherence to the Japanese methodology ensuring that the leaves are folded lengthwise whilst drying on warm trays, they are then steamed in order to stop fermentation.

The leaves are long, well worked and obviously show their quality, combine this with organic production and you have a really wonderful and healthy green tea.

After the infusion, which I allowed two minutes using 80°C water, the cup presents itself with a bright yellow colour and tasting typically grass-like but with a fine sweetness.

If you desperately want to be healthy and consume green teas but find them too bitter and not enjoyable then I strongly recommend you try these economical Chinese leaves, but I must reinforce the 80oC temperature and only steep for two minutes.

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