Chinese Ginseng Oolong Premium Lan Gui Ren Tea Speciality Rare Hand Rolled


Coming from the Hainan province this special premium semi-fermented tea is blended with small amounts of high-quality powdered Ginseng and liquorice root. Only the youngest leaves are dusted with a fine coating of these ingredients, after withering and rolling but before drying. The resulting dried tea looks like dusty nuggets and produce a golden-green cup and a delicate soft brew with an underlying sweetness. Hainan is the Peoples Republic of China’s smallest province and the most southerly sitting as an island in the South China Sea. The tropical climate combined with little industrialisation makes this an ideal horticultural paradise. The pure air helps to produce a pure tasting tea and the tea trees relish the annual thick fog from January to February, this fog persists day and night reducing visibility to 50m but washes the new growing tips that produce this brew. I enjoyed the subtle flavour, 90oC for 3 minutes.

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