Uki-Uki Loose Scented Black Tea Incredible Tropical Fruit Flavour Perfect without milk


  • A fine scented Chinese black tea.
  • The lovely Chikako named this tea for us, apparently the phrase Uki-Uki loosely describes the feeling you get at the beginning of summer or with the the promise of something good.
  • The scent of this tea evokes many things for many people.This tea has an intense collection of aromas, giving a sort of ‘Tropical Fruit Cocktail’ bouquet.
  • Just imagine yourself in a cool garden on a hot summer day, with a glass of this tea iced and adorned with fresh slices of orange.
  • Tea drinking rarely gets any better than this. Read what Russteas has to say about it.
  • You will receive 60 grams of tea for £5.00 

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