Year of tea Week 4 Wild Cherry, Heather, Liquorice

Week 4 Year of Tea

Day 22: It's my 22nd ‪#‎teaoftheday in my ‪#‎yearoftea and what a beauty! It's a Nepal Antu Valley SFTGFOP1 AKA Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Grade1 it's a rarity because this is a green tea and usually you only get black tea from Nepal. It's got a brisk grassy taste without too much astringency. Nice...

cup of nepal antu valley tea and tea leaves

Day 23: I LOVE tea and I LOVE Liquorice so drinking Liquorice Tea for my‪#‎teaoftheday No.23 seemed like a fine idea. Now I'm not a big fan of flavoured teas so maybe I'm not the best judge...maybe I should've asked Sam in Carlisle (who buys a pack every 3 or 4 weeks) for his thoughts! Don't get me wrong it's not horrible, it's just a bit weird. If I can be bothered, at some point I think I'll see how it works as a this space...

Day 24: Forget yesterday's thinly veiled sneer at flavoured black tea; I'd forgotten how much I enjoy this Scottish Moorland Tea. It tastes great (think hot ribena and Victory V's) plus the addition of heather flowers is a nod to a traditional Pict drink.

scottish moorland tea leaves in tea ball infuserscottish moorland dried tea leaves on saucer

 Day 25: Don't be fooled by the milky complexion of ‪#‎teaoftheday No.25 it's PROPER sturdy. Chosen as it's Burns Night, it's an organic Scottish Breakfast Blend. Combining African and Indian leaves, it's so hefty I can feel the hairs sprouting on my chest.mug of scottish breakfast blend tea with milk

Day 26: Today I've been on a Yunnan Pu Erh. These are some of the most widely known Chinese teas - their popularity in the UK started to grow about 15 years ago when Victoria Beckham was allegedly drinking it as part of a weightloss program. Apparently if you drink a cup half an hour after your meal it helps to metabolise fats. I don't know what happens if you spend all day drinking it like I've done...It really is 'my kind of tea' - I like earthy flavours and it's a very complex taste. There is an entire group of people (mostly in Canada and the US) who only drink Pu Erh because there is such a wide variety - not just 'Sheng' or 'Shou' (AKA Green or Black) but the various vintages too. I'm going to return to this one in a future post as it deserves more depth.

collage of yunnan puerh grade 1 tea with dried and brewed tea leaves

Day 27: It's a slightly different ‪#‎teaoftheday today inasmuch as it's not one of 'mine' but courtesy of a very pleasant lunch with me sibs at The Parlour at West Bridgford. It's a Darjeeling Late Harvest (sometimes called a Monsoon Harvest) and it has all the top-notes you expect from a Darjeeling. I intended to try a second infusion but didn't remember till I was in the carpark. No matter I'll definitely be returning to The Parlour so I'll try it then! Great tea (and a really very good Full Breakfast)

cup of darjeeling late harvest tea at The Parlour West Bridgford

Day 28: Hurtling towards the end of the month, thought I'd slow it down a bit with a flavoured green tea. Brewed for 3 minutes at 80°c this Wild Cherry Gunpowder is an absolute pleasure. Conveniently for me as I'm always wandering off and losing my tea, this tastes best when it's become tepid.

montage of wild cherry gunpowder green tea with dried and brewed tea leaves

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