Week 3 Best Seller, Budget Tea, and Blue Lady

Crikey I'm slacking! Lovely lovely Assam for Day 15. So new it isn't even on the website yet. Nothing 'special' just a really good 'Autumn Blend' which has been such a joy to drink all day. Good body with a wonderful smooth aftertaste.

mug of assam autumn blend tea without milkassam autumn blend tea leaves on a saucer after brewing

Day 16: Pai Mu Tan Organic White Peony - this is hands down our best selling tea. I'd forgotten just how much I like it - it's incredibly clean with an almost buttery aftertaste. Because I'm stingy I also rate the value for money - this is the 5th infusion!!!montage of paimutan tea in china cup and leaves

 No.17 in my ‪#‎yearoftea is Blood Orange Rooibos. Also known as Redbush it's a traditional drink in South Africa. The chunks of freeze-dried citrus give this herbal a wonderful scent and an added dimension to the earthy flavour. As well as having a good rich taste, being caffeine-free and really high in antioxidants makes it good for me too! ‪#‎winwin 

 Blood orange rooibos drink and steeped leaves

Day 18: Apparently, this is the most depressing day of the year.So for my 18th ‪#‎teaoftheday in my ‪#‎yearoftea I've opted for an Earl Grey Blue Lady Citrus Special. Because Bergamot is used to lift the spirits.
It's a black tea so you could theoretically put milk in it...if you were raised by wolves.cup of earl grey blue ladyearl grey blue lady leaves before brewing

Day 19: Today's ‪#‎teaoftheday is a decaffeinated Assam - strong and malty with a lovely chocolatey finish. Decaff teas always used to have a really weird aftertaste but the High Pressure CO2 method of decaffeination has made that a thing of the past.

decaffeinated assam tea in cup and leaves on saucer

 For Day 20 in my ‪#‎yearoftea I've chosen to share one of my favourites It's a Thailand Choui Fong Green Tea really fresh tasting with a little bit of hazelnut at the front and a lively aftertaste. Water at 80°c and steep-time of 3 mins gives you a lovely bronze liquor.cup of thailand choui fong tea with ladybird packaging and tealeaves

 Day 21: Woke up feeling a bit 'meh' so figured a good antidote would be a Moroccan Nanamint tisane.Whereas I don't exactly feel like I'm sipping the golden stuff in--a-little-alley-cafe-a-stone's-throw-from-the-bazaar, it is really nice and I think I'll be using it later in the year to make a sorbet....‪#‎yearoftea

moroccan nannamint tea with leaves

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