Violet Flower Scented Tea Loose Leaf Chinese Black Tea With Flowers A Beautifully Scented Tea Can Take Milk


This is a fine China tea, from the Anhui province. The tea is a Keemun, which has a delicate, light flavour and an orchid aroma. Sweet Violets, Viola odorata, have been used in perfume and cosmetics, as crystallised flowers on cakes and sweets as well as love potions. The ancient Greeks chose violet as their flower of fertility and both the Greeks and Romans drank large quantities of violet wine, becoming so popular it had to be cultivated on a large scale to supply the needs of most of the Mediterranean countries. The Victorians couldn’t get enough of this flower and parties would be held to go gathering it in the spring. It was used quite extensively for the production of a violet syrup, especially popular in France, where it was said to be good for throat infections. In America, French Violet Syrup is used to make violet scones and marshmallows. The scent of this flower is quite distinctive with few other flowers sharing its scent. Pliny and Horace referred to this flowers desirable nature and fragrance. Use 100oC water and steep for four minutes adjusting parameters for personal taste. An essential ingredient in our popular Sweetheart Tea.

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