Rooibos Wild Cherry Super Grade Redbush Helps Fight Colds Very Healthy Caffeine Free


This fantastically aromatic Redbush contains freeze-dried sour red cherry pieces. Visually it is a stunning presentation and combined with the wonderful scent will, I suspect make this one of our most popular Rooibos introductions. Add a little local honey and I would imagine it would help drive away any nasty cold viruses, obviously there is no medical proof to back this up, but you may as well feel that you are fighting back a cold and with a couple of paracetamol, I can almost guarantee the cold will be gone!! In case you are wondering both Helen and I are suffering as I write up about this new addition but genuinely, we both felt better after drinking it. Plus as it is a ‘Super-Grade’ Rooibos, we know that drinking it is improving our immune system and works at getting rid of headaches. I steeped this Tisane for seven minutes with boiling, 100oc water, plus re-infuses many times.

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