Rooibos And Green Honeybush Relaxation Tea Delightful Aniseed Flavoured Drink Very Healthy


Completely free of preservatives, colourants, pesticides and herbicides and completely natural. Both the Honeybush and the Rooibos are caffeine free and low in tannin and rich in antioxidants. The other ingredients are; fennel, aniseed, camomile and safflowers.

Rooibos and its close cousin Honeybush came from a small area near Cape Town, South Africa, and have been enjoyed in this area for generations. They are said to be beneficial in helping cancer prevention, most likely due to the very high levels of anti-oxidants, (especially in the green Honeybush)

Apparently, due to one of the anti-oxidants called Chysoeriol, circulation is improved and blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been lowered.

Mineral absorption is increased, due to the lower level of tannins, when compared to other teas.

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