Old Brown Java Whole Coffee Beans A Well Known Indonesian Coffee Enjoyable Strong Cup Dark Roast


This is also called Fully Aged Java or Government Java. The tradition of ‘aged Java’ began because of the six months it took for the coffee to be shipped to Holland. Originally, the time it took sailing ships to travel from the Dutch East Indies to Holland allowed the beans to mature but with the advent of steam, people were unwilling to accept the fresher product. So, to overcome this coffee was kept in ‘go-downs’, this allowed the taste to develop within the fresh beans thereby allowing them to achieve a distinctive mature flavour. These beans have been aged for six years before roasting, making them ‘vintage’. These beans have been darkly roasted to bring out the full strength and taste. According to a very regular customer “Old Brown Java makes a stunning espresso if you like the stronger taste. Having tried many different flavours, this is my favourite.” Thank you Mr P.

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