Nicaragua Finca Las Morenitas Natural Micro-lot Rainforest Alliance Whole Coffee Beans


This is a lovely coffee, I was surprised how much as I usually prefer a washed or semi-washed cherry, but it has a lovely flavour, depth, and body. The farm is one of seven estates owned by Victor Robelo and covers 200 hectares. He grows 80% Catimor and 20% a new variety I’ve not heard of before, called Marsellesa. It is a hybrid cross between Hybrido de Timor and Villa Sarchi, so quite Rust resistant from the Timor side and lovely flavour, and dwarf, prolific cropping from the Villa Sarchi side. The Marsellesa replaced the previously grown Catimor variety, this new variety is showing great promise and is becoming popular in Nicaragua as part of a pedigree selection process as well as being part of the World Coffee Research Verified program. It scores a good 85 with the Specialist Coffee Association and is said to have an Apple, Chocolate and Raisin flavour. With cupping notes of Raspberry, Pomegranate, Papaya, Forest Fruit and Creamy. Surprisingly, no comment about it tasting of coffee. The Finca is found in the great coffee area of Jinotega, in Matagalpa.

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