Lavender Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea with Lavender Flower Fantastic Taste


Once again, we are delighted to introduce a new tea to our range. Earl Grey tea is our most popular flavoured tea and Lavender is one of our more popular floral infusions. Lavender has been shown to induce a calm feeling by apparently boosting the production of dopamine as well as reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. This blend of Nilgiri black, Orange Pekoe leaf is blended with a minimum of 7% Lavender flowers and obviously Bergamot oil to give it that perfect combination of flavours. I anticipate that this tea will soon be as popular as our other introduction the Rose Petal Earl Grey. Apparently, adding Lavender to Earl Grey tea is quite a common practice in France, I’m not surprised, we sell a lot of tea to France as they are great connoisseurs of fine tisanes and brews.

Pregnant women should be careful when drinking lavender tea due to its ability to mimic the hormone oestrogen. It’s always wise to consult your doctor before consuming herbal teas when pregnant or breast-feeding.

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