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The Kombucha ‘fungus’ is a symbiosis of different microorganisms, specifically certain bacteria and different yeasts, and is felt to have many positive benefits for a healthy body. The scientific community has not come out in droves to endorse Kombucha but the general 'alternative' population warmly support it and for the claims of improved health that Kombucha purports.

It is said that Kombucha originated in China and was consumed by the Emperors of the Quin dynasty.

This is an extract of Kombucha as a powder made from malt dextrin, spring water, cane sugar and green tea, which dissolves immediately when brewed. This gives a taste of Mirabelle plums and is heavenly.

A small amount of a herbal blend containing blackberry, raspberry and strawberry leaves, lemon grass, sweet Acorus calamus root plus whole mallow blossoms is added, just for good measure.

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